Meal Plans are non-transferable and must be used by cardholder only.  Meals – card holder only.  Flex may be used to purchase for others.  You must present your MSU EagleCard ID when eating at any campus dining location.  If you do not have your ID with you or you do not have a valid ID, you will be required to pay cash.  If your MSU ID is lost or stolen, please report the lost card immediately to the EagleCard Office or go to your EagleCard ONLINE account to deactivate your meal plan account.  Replacement fee is $20 for lost or stolen EagleCard ID’s.  If a student withdraws from the University, the meal plan balance will be refunded up to the refund guidelines below or the pro-rated balance, whichever amount is less.  First 6 class days of the semester, 100% refund.  Next 5 class days, 75% refund.  Next 5 class days, 50% refund.  Next 5 class days, 25% refund.   No refunds are given after the first 21 class days of the semester. Class days begin the first day of the semester.  If you are leaving school permanently, you must contact the EagleCard Office at 606-783-2701.

Meal Plan Policies

 All full time, Fresh/Soph. (0-59 credits), living on campus will be billed for a minimum/default 15 Weekly meal plan.  Freshman – default to 15 meal plan or may opt for 10 or Unlimited meal plan.  Soph may opt for any of the meal plans listed above.  You will be billed the meal plan you choose for BOTH the fall and spring semesters.  All fees must be paid in full or a payment plan accepted for a meal plan to be activated for use.  If you decide to change meal plans or do not advance register from the fall to the spring, you must contact the EagleCard Office.  Students may change their meal plan until the last day to add or change classes.  Meals can only be used on the board days as defined in the board day calendar.  Weekly meal plans are based on a number of meals per week.  Unused meals expire at the end of the meal week which runs from Sunday - Saturday.  Block meal plans consist of meals to be used for the entire semester.  Unused block meals will expire at the end of each semester.

Meal Exchange
Students on a meal plan may use their meals to purchase specified combo meals at the retail dining locations.  One meal will be deducted from the meal plan when a student uses the meal exchange for a combo meal.  Any items above the combo meal will be charged to students flex dollars.  Unlimited Meal Plan – Up to 3 retail meals per day, 7 days a wk.  Unlimited meals at the Rock Fresh Food Company.  Purchases made in POD Convenience Store and Starbucks are not included within the meal exchange program.     

Flex Dollars
Flex dollars may be used in ALL on campus dining locations ONLY and are included with all meal plans.  Unused flex dollars will carry over from the fall to the spring semester only if a meal plan is purchased for spring.  Any unused flex dollars at the end of the spring semester will not carry over and are non-refundable.  Value cannot be added to Flex dollars.  Additional funds may be added to BeakerBUCKs.  BeakerBUCKs will carry over and are fully refundable after a $15 service charge and verification there are no fees owed to the University. 

Refund Policy:
All website purchases are considered to be final. Exceptions will be made for processing errors. All refunds for processing errors will be refunded to the credit card used for the purchase.